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The products of Clean Beach Caribbean are all save for use and easy in disposal.
The unique properties of the Clean Beach materials guarantee that people will be using safe, hygienic and responsible materials.




The beach ashtrays of Clean Beach Caribbean are to be used for free.
This to ensure the will of the people to keep the beaches clean without the barrier of investing money in the process.




The cardboard and inks used in the beach ashtrays are all ecologically responsible. Even though the user should dispose of the used ashtray in normal trash containers, accidentally leaving the beach ashtray does not form a hazard to nature.




By using the beach ashtrays, you help keep the beaches clean from litter and safe for sea turtles to lay their nests.
Mind that the beaches are a seasonal nesting ground for endangered species of sea turtles. Help their survival by keeping the beaches clean.




Where can you find the Clean Beach- and Clean Streets products?

These are some of our sponsors and partners where you can find our products: